About Smartmatic

Smartmatic is the global leader in secure, accessible, transparent election and voting technology and support services. We believe in equality and justice for all.

Our company was founded on the simple idea that technology can help ensure the integrity of elections. Established in Florida following the 2000 US presidential election, Smartmatic focused on designing and building innovative election technologies that are easy to use – for both election officials and voters – while protecting the integrity of the election process from start to finish.

From Los Angeles to Manila, from Utah to Belgium, and from Argentina to London, Smartmatic has successfully deployed secure election technologies in 30 countries. Election commissions and officials have used Smartmatic systems to record and tabulate more than 5 billion votes with zero security breaches. We pioneered voting machines that produce voter-verified paper records, a feature that has now become the de facto standard for automated elections worldwide.

Smartmatic’s people around the world live our pledge to you, our customers, and to the ideal of free and fair elections. We promise to:

  • Remain impartial and independent – technology is neutral and so are we.
  • Harness the full power of technology – to deliver reliable and accurate results, minimizing the possibility of human error.
  • Maintain the highest standards of transparency – our success depends on the trust of citizens. That’s why we will keep inviting the public to audit and scrutinize our technology throughout the entire election cycle.
  • Provide the best products and services – we will remain the world leader in research and development. We will continue innovating to deliver the best products at the best prices.

As an approved U.S. Department of Defense vendor and a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security Council for the Election Infrastructure Subsector, Smartmatic does not rely on any single application to secure the integrity of elections. We utilize multiple layers of protection, security measures and control mechanisms throughout our voting systems. From tamper-proof data collection to end-to-end encryption to fully auditable logs, our technology safeguards votes at every step.

Our achievements today and our successes tomorrow are guided by our company vision and mission.

Our Vision

The future of democracy is digital. 

Our Mission

Smartmatic's mission is to increase integrity in the democratic process. We increase citizen engagement and trust, enabling better societies and better governments. 

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