Intelligent Transportation System Solutions - ITS

The cities of the future will require bold and fresh approaches to transportation. Our innovative portfolio offers integrated Fare Collection, Fleet Management and User Information Solutions to help authorities provide modern, efficient, safe and sustainable transportation services.

  • System Integration – Agnostic systems integration through an Intelligent IT service bus called Urbano™ to manage the Transportation System and its modes in a unified way
  • Business Analytics and Big Data Management- BI and Reporting tools through a unique user interface and flexible reporting
  • Design Expertise for ITS Models – Expertise in design, development, and implementation of mission-critical projects and apply them to the mobility field
  • Sustainable Business Workflow management – Technology to the service of the operation, creating efficient processes that prioritize the user-friendliness of the service, and the sustainability of the system.

Smartmatic’s approach to a sustainable transportation system - Cartagena

In 2012, the Integrated Public Transportation System for Cartagena (TransCaribe) selected a consortium led by Smartmatic to create, implement and operate a Fare Collection, Fleet Management and Passenger Information System.

Transcaribe was inaugurated in 2016 and since it has received high praises from local authorities and citizens.

  • 96 % of people prefer this system to the traditional
  • Over 80,000 passengers are served every day on average
  • 220,000 payment and access cards were sold during the first months
  • 85 % of users claim they save between 15 and 45 minutes of transit time
  • 80 % of users consider the service to be good or very good
  • 72 % of users feel very safe inside the stations and aboard buses