Public Safety & Security – PSS

We work with authorities to make communities safer by providing the best tools to manage resources efficiently and respond to emergencies in real-time.

Our agnostic and multivendor technology gathers and processes information putting actionable insights in front of decision-makers.

Some characteristics about our PSS solutions are:

  • Strengthens security agencies' capacity to work jointly with the community – Multi-access incident reporting and early alarm subsystem
  • Agnostic & Multivendor platform
  • Flexible and integrated with C3 legacy systems
  • C4/5i model
  • Real time approach to public safety view and metrics
  • Smart Emergency and safety analytics
  • Integrated agencies intelligent emergency resource allocation and management

Our Public Safety & Security Solution at work - Province of Bataan, The Philippines

 In 2015 the Province of Bataan needed to decrease the number of road accidents, combat a rising tide of criminality and improve emergency response times.

Working alongside local institutions, Smartmatic developed a tailor-made Command Control Center for the province.

The Command Center for Bataan comprises:

  • Command and Control Center (CCC). The CCC is the back bone of the Bataan USP project with consoles for first-level operators and dispatch operators. The CCC encompasses 5 video surveillance operators, 1 supervisor operator, 1 video wall operator and a training room with 10 seats.
  • Urban Monitoring. Bataan’s video surveillance application is supported on 52 fixed cameras and 2 PTZ cameras. These terminals create complete video awareness. Fiber optic technology connects the IP cameras directly with the Command and Control Center.
  • Emergency Fleet Tracking & Tracing. This enables authorities to monitor and manage the operational performance of the emergency fleet, using advanced tracking and triangulation technologies and geographic information.
  • Incident Management. Call and alert management through a unique emergency number supporting the whole life-cycle of incident management.