We're the only voting technology and services provider to insist that all parties audit the election process at every stage.

And we designed all our hardware, software and services around this idea.

Auditing means a way of independently verifying that:

  • All balloting choices have been recorded as intended and that
  • The vote count totals are reliable and have definitely been created from the material marked by the voter.

The voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT)

The concept of a VVPAT is an industry term, first introduced by Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D, one of the leading computer security and electronic vote tabulation specialists worldwide.

The concept is used to provide an effective way to confirm the results of elections conducted on an automated election system.

It's grown in popularity and is increasingly reflected in legislation worldwide. It's become the de facto standard for verifiable automated election systems.

How it works

A voter in an automated election creates a VVPAT when they're able to examine a paper voting receipt created when they cast their ballot using a voting machine.

They then deposit this paper, which is the size of an ATM receipt, in the ballot box.

It can be scanned in or hand-counted. In the case of an election recount, this paper audit trail can be independently audited and compared with the electronic tally/result.