Ballot production

Ballot production refers to the process of designing, creating and generating ballots and other voting instruments to be used during voting.

The ballot allows the voter to choose from all the candidates in a contest – and it can be a piece of paper or it can take electronic form.

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Ballot definition

We can define ballots manually or automatically. If automatic, our system displays all possible templates according to the election/contests type. We add the information and the system arranges it into the final design.

We can also manually select where to place party and candidate information.

Ballot generation

Once we've designed the ballot, our system generates a PDF file that can be stored in a database for printing or saving.

  Product offering


Our web-based tool Election Management System (EMS) makes ballot definition and generation simple and fast.

Read more about our Election Management System (EMS)


Ecuador’s sectional elections, 2014

Venezuela’s elections, 2004-2015

Curacao’s parliamentary elections, 2010

Curacao’s insular council elections, 2007