Campaign monitoring

Campaign monitoring refers to the tasks related to supervising media access, expenses and where rules have been broken.

It's crucial to perform such monitoring, so that everyone knows the rules are being adhered to. It's equally important to do this in a transparent fashion, so that everyone can see.

  Our services

Compliance monitoring

We register inputs from each campaign activity and will raise an alarm if it's not compliant with any law, regulation or rule previously defined.

Media access supervision

We supervise the amount of media access each party and candidate receives, to ensure no-one has an unfair advantage.

You can define the rules of media access for every election.

Campaign financing

We supervise every input/output regarding political financing during the campaign process.

Breaches and penalties supervision

We monitor the election and report when certain pre-established rules on the system (you can define) are breached

  Product offering


Our Election Management Software (EMS) enables us to bring transparency and efficiency every one of the above campaign monitoring services.

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