Candidate administration

Candidate administration refers to the administrative tasks related to registering and managing all the information on political parties and candidate postulations.

  Our services

Party registration

We enroll political parties and assign candidates to those parties so they can participate in a contest.

Party vetting

We check the parties meet the legal requirements to participate in a contest.

Party financing control

We register and control financing budgets assigned to each political organisation. We produce reports on what each party receives, offering complete transparency.

Candidate registration

We register and associate, in an easy and transparent way, candidates to contests and organisations. At this stage, the registry process validates basic requirements such as data completeness.

Candidate vetting

We check whether candidates meet the legal requirements to enter the contest

  Product offering


Our powerful Election Management Software (EMS) defines and organises elections. Rigorous yet agile, it brings complete transparency and efficiency to the above candidate administration tasks.

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Ecuador's sectional elections, 2014

Venezuela presidential elections, 2004-2015

Philippines midterm elections, 2013

Philippines general elections, 2010