Smartmatic has extensive credentials providing user-centered design, the development of hardware, software and firmware, testing and certification, manufacturing, systems integration and implementation, maintenance and follow-on support.

Countries, governments, technology, challenges and voters are always changing, and Smartmatic supports these changes through a dedication to R&D not found anywhere else in the industry.

Approximately 200 engineers develop election solutions from three R&D centers in Taiwan, Estonia, and Panama. All our hardware is designed around the idea that all parties taking part in an election can audit the process at every stage.

With our Taiwanese manufacturing arm, Smartmatic designs and produces touch screen voting machines, electronic ballots, authentication devices, voting session activators, counting devices and mobile biometric registration units, herewith bringing complete security, accuracy, privacy and transparency to registration, authentication, voting and counting.


Smartmatic’s newest generation touchscreen electronic voting machine guarantees independent voting for all voters. The A4-500 platform has been designed to provide the highest levels of usability, accessibility and security, enriching the voter experience and providing ease of use for poll workers.

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A4200 - Smartmatic


A self-contained, portable touchscreen electronic voting machine, which provides a convenient voting experience, while at the same time is optimized for logistics, warehousing and shipping providing EMB’s with a cost-efficient solution.

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Smartmatic - VIU800


An all-inclusive device for voter registration, voter authentication and Election Day management. Leveraging the same device and underlying database, increases the efficiency of the voter registration and authentication processes and when the configuration as an Election Day management device is added, the VIU-800 becomes an all-inclusive and cost-efficient solution to EMB’s with optimizing a variety of different election processes.

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Smartmatic's voting machine SAES-3377


Smartmatic’s SAES-3377 has made voting easier. Its 17’’ screen displays all the options available to the voter, who only has to press the screen to make a choice. It stores votes with the most accurate, secure and verifiable technology on the market, and it supports every type of election, from nominal or preference vote to a simple referendum.

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The SAES-1800plus provides faster, accurate and verifiable results increasing election integrity. With a 100% auditable vote count, the SAES-1800plus is our secure optical scanner, specifically designed to automate vote counting in manual elections.

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Smartmatic VP–1500 Voting Pad

VP–1500 voting pad

The VP-1500 mimics traditional paper ballots by presenting voters with a range of options. How do our electronic ballots increase accessibility and ensure that elections do not feature a single spoiled vote?

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