Legal framework analysis

The election process begins with analysing a country's election law and constitution. For people to trust elections, these rules must be clear.

  Our services

We provide consultancy services that help look at the laws, standards and procedures that regulate your country's election process.

Perhaps laws need updating, or new ones might need to be created, particularly if you're adopting a new system.


What type of contest is being held? We have experience of them all.


This is about defining which offices, contests and candidates apply to the polling places, according to the election laws and regulations.

Rules and regulations

What other rules govern voters, candidates, political parties? Our consultancy service help answer these questions.

  Product offering


Our Election Management System (EMS) software helps register all the above legal framework information and configures your election accordingly.


We've provided our services and software for contests and jurisdictions to help make the following elections a success:

Ecuador's sectional elections, 2014

Belgium's national election's, 2012

The Philippines' national elections, 2010