We use the term logistics to include election material production and quality control – as well as the important task of delivering it to polling locations.

  Our services

A successful election depends on good election material. To ensure its quality, we take care of the following:

Election material production

We assemble an election's physical components. Crucial items such as voter lists, reports, documents, indelible ink, ballots or voting machines.

Quality control

We take complete responsibility for both the incoming and outgoing election material, ensuring it's correctly configured and works perfectly. 

Election material distribution

We also deliver the election material to each polling location, either directly or using intermediate distribution sites. This includes organising the inventory, prioritising deliveries then tracking them until they reach their destination.

  Product offering


Our Election Management System (EMS) software prepares the configuration data then our Production Manager tool loads it via LAN into the electoral equipment.

It also manages production and shipment priorities. And even goes as far as generating labels for each kit and for each pallet.

Read more about our Election Management System (EMS) software


We developed Production Manager in 2012 and used it for the first time in 2013. It's helped us deliver flawless logistics services in the following elections:

Ecuador's sectional elections, 2014

Venezuela's presidential elections, 2013

Venezuela's municipal elections, 2013