Polling location management

Turnout doesn't just depend on how well people trust their election body, the parties and their candidates. It also depends on how easy it is for people to cast their ballot.

And good polling location management plays a big role in making things easy for voters. 

It includes using our tried-and-tested software and expertise to help identify, register and assess all polling locations, to find the best ones and share that information in an effective way.

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We work with you and local experts to analyse your country’s demographics and geography to allocate polling places that will maximise voter turnout.


Deciding where polling locations go isn't easy. Their positing depends on many factors, such as population size, roads, public transport links and security

It's also important to take into account how people will vote and how long they'll take, so that you know how many voters you can allocate to a particular location.


We'll register identified polling places in a central system, our Election Management Software (EMS), so that voters can be assigned a polling place.


We help by providing site surveys and delivering a complete list of all polling places, current conditions and recommendations on the works needed to fine tune them.

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Our web-based tool lets you know the progress of each planned task or activity in any configured event.

It also lets you identify in real-time any incident, and solve it, to guarantee the continuity of the election process.

You can even configure Election-360 for the site survey process. It lets you monitor and direct field personnel surveying the polling places.

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Election Management System (EMS)

Our EMS software lets you configure the election in a way that's totally auditable and secure.

It allows you to register the buildings where polling places, transmission centers, contingency centers will be installed.

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