Staff management

Elections are huge, complex operations. Whether manual or automated, they require small armies of local people, all of whom will need managing.

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Poll worker management

Poll workers, or election officials, man the polling stations and play an important role serving voters on election day.

Not only do we screen and recruit them, we also train and co-ordinate them at both local and national levels.

Field support management

Come election day, your poll workers and election officials will know what to do, thanks to comprehensive training.

We’ll have even made sure they know how to deal with a variety of unplanned events.

However, such is the size of complexity of elections that fresh challenges will always arise.

In these circumstances, despite their training, people on the ground won’t always know what to do.

That’s why we provide more centralised teams dedicated to providing extra, specialised support and management.

And we don't just hire these crucial field support staff. We also screen, train and co-ordinate them.

  Product offering


Election-360 is an application that lets you supervise and control the activities performed by poll and field support workers during Election Day.

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We have extensive experience of hiring, training, screening and coordinating election staff. Our numbers swell when we run an election, by as much as 76,000. And we’ve created over 433,000 temporary jobs.

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