Elections require huge numbers of people working in temporary but very important roles.

Manual tasks take on special significance because of the sensitive nature of the materials and equipment involved.

Changing to a new system will mean that everyone will need training.

And key workers aren't the only people who'll need educating. It's also vital to to engage voters and ensure they know how the voting system works and how to cast their ballot on election day.

  Our services

Poll worker training

We give polling location officials all the training they need to carry out an election, including:

  • Step-by-step instructions for before, during and after election day
  • How to implement and distribute all the instruments and material to be used during the election process

Field support personnel training

Field support personnel provide specialist advice in case of any doubt or incident. Our training focuses on problem-solving and we aim to maintain constant and direct communication with them during all stages of an election.

Our training gives them a clear understanding of the whole election process, including:

  • Everything poll workers know
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance tasks
  • How to test to verify problems have been corrected
  • Incident and problem management

Voter education

We tailor education campaigns according to election authorities’ particular requirements. These campaigns usually take advantage of a variety of different media, including web, newspaper, television and radio.

It's incredibly important to engage with voters. The types of things we teach them about include:

  • How to vote
  • The type of election, the number of contests and contest names
  • Candidate names and numbers
  • The number of votes per contest


We've got experience of training both key election staff and educating voters since our first election in 2004. It was just one of the services we offered alongside our technology to ensure that the following elections ran smoothly:

Ecuador's sectional elections, 2014

The Philippines midterm elections, 2013 (Trainer training)

Belgium's local elections, 2012

Curacao's parliamentary elections, 2010 (Trainer training)

The Philippines general elections, 2010

Curacao's elections, 2007 & 2009

Venezuela's elections, 2004-2015