Voter Management

Ensure electoral legitimacy with an accurate voter database

With our Voter Management Solution, we support Electoral Management Bodies (EMB’s) with cost-effective biographic and biometric voter registration, ultimately resulting in an accurate and trustworthy database.

Some countries use periodic lists, some update their voter databases continuously and others base their voter registry on their civil registry. In any case, having an accurate voter database is key to electoral legitimacy, as it reduces the risk of impersonation, ghost voters and of anyone being able to vote more than once during the election.

EMB’s can count on us for the creation of a new voter database according to local election laws, but we also support the migration and depuration of legacy data. 

  Solution offering

Smartmatic has developed an integrated and versatile Voter Management solution, which consists of 3 main components.

1.Biographic and biometric data capturing

With our portable registration unit the VIU-800, and our all-inclusive add-on the Biokit, field workers can easily and securely capture biographic and biometric information. Additionally, official documents can be digitalized and added to the voter’s record, ensuring a complete and accurate voter registry.

The online registration of voters offers EMB’s an additional method to easily capture voter’s data using the Internet. This can be an efficient first step towards building a reliable voter registry.

2.Voter Management System (VMS)

The VMS is the central data management system, which depurates new or legacy databases to deliver an accurate voter database. The software has an excellent user interface and is designed based on industry best practices and therefore very intuitive to use.

Depending on its configuration, the VMS can also support the assignment of voters to each polling location and polling station and the the generation of poll books per polling station.

3.Voter Management Deployment Services

Smartmatic also provides services and highly qualified PMI certified project managers to customize solutions to meet specific EMB needs and to ensure any registration project’s success. We support EMB’s with the customization of the software, deployment of the devices, warehousing, transport, data centre management, ID card issuance, the hiring and training of the field workers and we provide the needed technical support and call centre services.  


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