Our job doesn't finish when an election ends. It's important to record detailed information on what we did and how we did it, while the experience is still fresh in everyone's minds.

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These ensure we can convert lessons learned into valuable inputs for the next election, to ensure continuous improvement, make the election process even more transparent and efficient, and increase people’s faith in election commissions and the system further still.

Consolidation of event information

When the election ends, it's important to consolidate all the data generated for further analysis.

This includes all the votes, results counts, reports and logs generated by the electoral equipment.

It's also important to record all the statistics and all the operational, logistical and technical challenges handled by the support center.

Event analysis

What were the main incidents during the election? What were their real causes? Were they logistical, operational or technical flaws? Were they one-offs or did they happen repeatedly? How can we ensure they don’t happen again?

These are the kinds of questions we ask in event analysis.

We also provide a consultancy service that looks at personnel performance and how election commissions can improve procedures to help staff next time.

Lessons learned gathering

What insights have we gained that we can apply to future elections? Admitting our failures and ensuring we improve next time is just one of the reasons we’re the number one voting technology and services provider.

And we're keen to pass on these valuable insights to election commissions as part of our consultancy service.

Project information archiving

All the valuable information needs to be carefully archived so that it's available in the future.

This information's usefulness hinges on how understandable and accessible it is for the people that need it.

We can provide guidance on the best way to classify the information, recommending information management tools for this purpose,

We can also create the profiles and permissions for people allowed to access that critical information according to their roles.

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Our wrap-up services have helped make every single election we've run a success, particularly in The Philippines and Venezuela, where our customers have benefited from the insights gained from working with us time and time again.

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