We're not an elections company. We're the elections company


Elections are the cornerstone of democracy; protecting their integrity is at the core of what we do. We help election commissions to protect the will of the voters by providing solutions that combine multiple layers of protection and safeguards, and guarantee legitimate outcomes.


We developed our election technology taking into consideration the needs of all stakeholders, from voters to poll workers and election officials. We deliver convenient, efficient and intuitive solutions, to provide the kind of seamless experience that citizens have come to expect in their everyday lives.


We help authorities guarantee ballot secrecy and a convenient voting experience, regardless of age, race, creed, or whether or not the voter has some type of disability. We have taken a holistic view of the voting process to ensure that all voters can independently cast and verify their own vote.

Voting technology and services

Our robust portfolio of election solutions gives authorities all the hardware, software and services that they need to successfully manage each phase of the election process. We focus in designing technology that guarantees more efficient and transparent elections. Our technology also improves the experience of poll workers and voters – allowing them to cast their ballots independently.

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