Belgian elections 2012 - 2018


Smartmatic deployed its technology for voters in Flanders, in the Brussels Capital Region and also in the German-speaking Community of Belgium

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Smartmatic Lombardy

Italy's first fully automated election - Lombardy 2017


24,700 voting machines were deployed across the entire region to capture the vote of the 7,895,484 voters

Utah - Republican Presidential Caucus 2016


Conducting the world’s first ever government election in which blockchain technology was used

LA County – California - 2016 Presidential Primary Elections


A digital pen that looks and feels like a traditional pen, improving the election process

Estonia i-voting 2014

Estonian elections 2014 -2019: Solution for the world's leader in online voting


The Estonian i-voting solution is the longest-standing, most technologically advanced, and highly trusted internet voting solution in existence.

Voter Authentication - Argentina 2017

Identity management

Authorities hired Smartmatic to furnish a solution that would enable poll workers to swiftly manage voter authentication